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  • 1- Understanding the Platform
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CloudBridge is designed from the FatClient Platform, which is an application that includes AppServer and SmartClient in a single tool.

The CloudBridge differential is the ability to run WebBased applications (web applications) and use all ADVPL tools from JavaScript.

About embedded DBAccess on the device

The CloudBridge counts with an internal DBAccess, but it’s just in order to connect to SQLIte database embedded on device.

How do I start developing ?

 The application can be fully developed in HTML5 and Javascript, requiring only the compilation of this set of files in the CloudBridge Repository. During application start-up on the mobile device, this set of files is downloaded on the temporary directory and displayed for execution.

TMobile documentation

TMobile is a class created to capture/check features and information from the mobile device. We recommend you to read it.


To compile the files of your application, the installation of TDS is required.

Available for download in TDS - TOTVS Development Studio

1. The .Cloud file

The .Cloud file is responsible for starting up the application on CloudBridge.

complete structure of the .Cloud file is explained in this link, we recommend you to read this documentation, and it is key to understand it to create the set of files that will be kept in the default Repository.

  "name": "CloudBrigde Sample",
  "version": "1.0.0",
  "mainHtml": "cbcustom.html",
  "mainFunction": "u_cbcustom",
    {"file": "cbcustom.html"},
    {"file": "totvstec.js"},
    {"file": "jquery.mobile-1.4.5.min.js"},
    {"file": "jquery-2.2.2.min.js"},
    {"file": "logo_totvs.png"}

Note that the list of files in your application should be described in the .cloud file in the TAG files, displaying which files will be part of the execution.

2. Starting the application in mobile device

You must start the application through the name of the .cloud file, as shown below.

3. Opening preview

How are ADVPL functions performed ?

All communication with ADPL must be through JavaScript from the runAdvpl method, or from the message layer with methods AdvplToJs and JsToAdvpl. We recommend you to read this sections as well

Below is the full structure of the Platform, in which:

  1. SmartClient communicates with AppServer through TCP;
  2. SmartClient communicates with embedded browser (TWebEngine) through the WebScket (TWebChannel);
  3. Embedded browser comunicates with HTML5/Javascript page/component through HTTP/HTTPS.

This structure enables the execution of any function or method of ADVPL classes from JavaScript.

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