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  • Configured Consolidation (CTBA230 - SIGACTB)
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Configured Consolidation generates consolidated data based on the Consolidation Script. From this script, the user can select accounting entities to be taken to the destination company.

A few precautions must be taken before executing consolidation, such as:

Configure parameter MV_CONSOLD with number of company and branch that will receive consolidated data (company/destination branch). Correct configuration of this parameter ensures that only companies informed will receive Consolidation data.


Suppose that companies/branches 02/01 and 03/01are consolidators (destination companies); this parameter must be filled with 0201/0301.


While performing this operation, recommendation is that nobody is using files of Management Accounting environment (including integration entries). This is just a recommendation but can avoid possible inconsistencies in the accounting balances.


Executing Configured Consolidation:

1. In Configured Consolidation maintenance window, a screen is displayed with files and Companies/Branches available for consolidation.

2. Select files and Companies/Branches by clicking the corresponding row.

3. Click Parameters.

Routine specific parameters are displayed.

4. Fill in fields according to field help instructions.

5. Confirm the parameterization.

6. Click OK.

Consolidation of companies and files is started.

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