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Installation of TOTVS License Server

Together with the installation CDs of the product (except when it is updating), TOTVS sends a protection hardware aiming at protecting its information by using a cryptography algorithm (resource for protection of electronic messages), based on keys of 128 bits, releasing more efficient mechanisms to protect the system against unauthorized access. Along with that, the process to release passwords is faster, and there is a great gain of performance in the process of control to simultaneous accesses.

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ERP 10 and 11

TOTVS | License Server must be connected to the Hardlock (safety device) in the parallel port or USB and thedriver of the device installed (if necessary).
Some models of Hardlock device need to have drivers installed. The model can be checked in the device itself. In the table below, note what must be executed for each model:


Windows 32 bits

Windows 64 bits

Linux (kernel 2.4)

Linux (kernel 2.6)

Compact-500 USB

No need of driver.

No need of driver.

Not available.

No need of driver.

Compact-500 Parallel



Not available.

No need of driver.



Not available.

Not available.

Request other safety device

Note: Installation drivers can be obtained in the installation CD of TOTVS | License Server in the directory '\totvslicense\drivers\'.  
For each maintenance contract, TOTVS sends a Hardlock, that may be a HASP or Proteq/SafeNet.  The installation procedures of each device are described below.

Besides, install applylic.key or totvslic.key file which has access to the products. For further information on how to install, refer to the following document: How to: Installing applylic.key or totvslic.key file.


As TOTVS License Server requires high availability, we recommend that it is set in a separate service, even if it is in the same computer.


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