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titleMore information

For more information about datasets see fluig internal Datasets.


Virtual events with real-time interaction!


titleCool, right?

For more details on how to create a virtual session to use Messaging feature, access the Online Help from the fluig, in:

  • Settings menu is located at the upper right-hand side of the screen;
  • select Help;
  • In the structure presented, click on Learning and then Events.

And for more information about how to use the Messaging feature during a virtual session, access Using fluig Messaging.




Processes form attachments on your mobile device


titleFor more details

Access fluig messaging settings and learn more about the easy way to enable Messaging on your platform.


For heavy use, we recommend a paid version of fluig Messaging available at fluig Store.


Personalized desktop notifications? Yes, it is possible!


titleExample of use

Click here to see an example of this development on the platform.


News about Gamification

The Gamification feature is in full swing! In this update you can create hierarchies. But what are hierarchies? Hierarchies were designed to target the rankings by areas. With this, you can generate a ranking for a given unit or area of your company.



Want to audit achievements and events? You can export events and achievements, which allows you to generate a CSV file where you can tabulate and have fun with the impressive results Gamification can provide.



Did you register an attribute incorrectly? Or changes in strategy made it obsolete? With that in mind, we added the possibility to deactivate events, trophies and achievements. Run and see how it turns out.




See datasets of forms without having to encode



To create a form for Web service or at fluig Studio, this option is checked by default.




Further development: introducing fluig SDK
We expanded the range of platform development possibilities


titleLearn more

In fluig services Monitor you can check out more details about the data available and how to use the monitor.




Follow the platform performance


titleStay tuned

In fluig resource Metrics you can check out more details about the operation and how to use the metrics module.



Cliente OAuth

Developers can now use the OAuth Customer to perform authentication in fluig. Through the customer you can use Java code to access the public API, which allows the creation of automation tasks.

titleMore information

Access API through OAuth Customer and check out more details about the operation and how to use the customer for retrieval of tokens and signing requests.


Faster startup in clustered environments

In this update fluig caching in clustered environments will be initialized only by one of the application servers in the environment, eliminating the cache startup competition, which will provide better performance and use of the available computational resources.


Style Guide

Implementation examples Datatable


titleExample of use

Get the example of use by clicking here or on the own Style Guide.



Evolution of theme settings

Our platform is constantly evolving. Thinking about it, we changed the layout, improved the color picker and have added a preview of images used in the theme settings.



New version of importer available for download

If you started to use Analytics after implementing fluig and want to import historical data, get the fluig Analytics 1.5 importer by clicking here.



In this session, we have listed a few bugs that we fixed in this update to make sure everything runs smoothly on your platform.


  • Release of processes other than BPMN for use via SOAP webservice.


Documentation news

  • We create and made available an example of fluig access report. This report lists all accesses made on fluig, and you can filter the results by the user login and/or in a given period of time.

    titleExample of use

    See the example by clicking here.


  • Do you need a process that allows manual or automatic start requests with initial Timer activity? Check out the documentation and learn about the required steps for the correct process modeling.