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Learn about the new features available in update 1.5 of fluig:

Table of Contents


titleI want fluig 1.5. What do I have to do?

It’s very simple: all you need to do is update; the fluig 1.5 update is fast and simple. Click here  to learn more.


  • No more task assignment to the wrong person in charge

    Through a user-friendly and simple interface, we changed the task and person-in-charge selection to ensure the proper execution of each activity as per the respective business process, considering that users interact with several processes every day, covering different flows, forms and persons in charge. This allows you to make informed decisions regarding where and to whom requests are submitted. The old excuse “Oh no, I sent it to the wrong person in charge” is no longer an issue.


  • More from space
    Forms are the core business element of your workflow processes. With that in mind, we redesigned the interface to make the best out of each pixel and provide even more available space in your forms, expanding the array of possibilities to enhance your business using all platform features available.


  • House in order
    We have regrouped all common features into only three floating tabs: Details, Add-ons and Attachments. You now have a larger desktop area with grouped information. Awesome, right?


  • All the information you need in one place
    The Details tab provides access to the current process flow, allowing users to check process instructions and activities through a user-friendly and efficient interface.
    Does your process have multiple activities? How about using the zoom tool? It’s just a mouse scroll away.

  • Who, when, where?
    When was this request created? Who added this attachment? The Add-ons tab allows users to query request histories and add relevant notes, formatting the text as needed to make sure your comment stands out (yes, you can now use a mini text editor to add notes.)

  • What about my evidence?
    Easy upload of ECM documents or files in requests. Just like in document browsing, you can now drag and drop files into processes as well, making uploading much easier. In addition, you can add multiple documents as attachments with a single click. This is not an April fools prank.


These new features are the result of all suggestions we received in our suggestion database.


Widget Connector

BPMN 2.0, BPMN 2.0, BPMN 2.0


When creating new workflow processes, did you ever end up using BPMN 1.0 notes because you forgot to change the pallet to BPMN 2.0? fluig studio 1.5 makes it much easier to create processes using BPMN 2.0 notes: when creating a new process, you start the modeling process with a few suggested activities and swimlanes, as well as the entire BPMN 2.0 note pallet available for use. Advanced processes created in studio can now be even more advanced and modern, using BPMN 2.0 notes.
It is important to remember that BPMN 2.0 processes can still only be edited via Studio, and not via web.


This process will be available in mobile. This one? No. Not this one. Definitely not this one. This is the one. Done.


When modeling a process, it is essential to consider the process use experience in mobile devices. In complex processes, however, mobile use is compromised due to the number of form fields to be completed, or even due to how the process was modeled. In order to keep mobile fluigers happy and leverage the workflow process to an even higher level, users can now select which processes will be available in mobile devices via fluig Mobile with just one click.



titleWhat about after I update to fluig 1.5? What happens to my processes?

After updating to fluig 1.5, all of your processes will be disabled in fluig mobile. Remember to access your process settings and enable the process you wish to use in mobile devices. Don’t worry; it’s just one click away.


The task counter limit has been raised in the task central: up to 999 tasks are now shown. If you have more than 999 tasks, you have a lot of pending work  and the counter will read 999+. Honestly, we expect you to always keep your pending tasks up to date and we hope your counter never reads 999+...




Fluig connect

Keep logged into fluig even if your browser is closed


  • Download manager
    Do you need to access or post large documents? Do you want to download an entire fluig folder? Do you need to pause a document download? With fluig connect, you can do all that and a lot more.


  • File monitoring
    Did you edit a document? Did you create a new document? fluig connect monitors the selected folder for synchronization, highlighting new or edited documents to be sent to fluig.


  • Easy and fast document versioning
    With fluig connect, you can make the traditional document check-out and check-in processes directly in fluig, without even having to open your browser. Download the document, perform the check-out process, make the required changes, perform the check-in and release the new version/review. All this with your browser closed.


  • Stay tuned to fluig
    Are you working in fluig connect and don’t want to miss out on what’s going on in fluig? Have no worry, fluig connect shows you real-time notifications to make sure you stay connected even if your browser is closed.


We have updated the new internal viewer - yes, it is brand new. You can now rely on even better performance, stability, and security. Update now: contact us to update! Update via the fluig installer will be available soon, stand by.



Fluig messaging
Revolutionize consolidated internal communication


With fluig messaging, communications with your entire team are much simpler and more efficient, featuring personal or group messaging in any device. Create virtual meetings and video conferences through mobile devices (smartphones or tablets) or work stations.



In addition, you can provide real-time cooperation in multimedia content sent to fluig messaging, making written and spoken notes, as well as directly posting in fluig to store discussion histories. Of course, you can also share documents posted in fluig in personal or group conversations. Check it out:


If you haven’t participated in the TOTVS 2015 Universe, check out the entry presentation:


titleWhat about fluig meetings?

fluig messaging is the evolution of fluig meetings, since virtual meetings is an additional feature covered in the rich messaging feature - individual or group - with multimedia content.
Don’t worry: if you purchased fluig meetings and updated to fluig 1.5, you already own fluig Messaging. Go to “Control panel > Collaboration > Messaging” and enable the conversation feature - the meeting feature will already be enabled.


Your strategy on a board game


    • Ranking 

    • Level and experience

    • Achievements

    • Trophies

    • Achievement profile

    • Knowledge matrix


But wait, there’s more: the fluig public API now features approximately 100 new services (that’s right) for you to create even richer and more exclusive widgets for your corporate game.


Widget Connector



fluig Gamification is FREE (for now). Don’t waste another second, this is a limited-time offer: go to the fluig Store and order now!


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Share links easily

This new feature came out so amazing that we just had to share it with you


Manage your relationship clouds through our brand new administrative panel. Do you want to know to which clouds a certain community is associated? Go to Control panel > Collaboration > Communities to view the list of community clouds and associate communities to new clouds with just a few steps. It’s very easy.


Click here to learn more about fluig’s relationship clouds.


We managed to simplify the process of organizing articles and forms even more. Now you can sort them in FOLDERS, rather than categories. This provides access to all features available in folders: security settings - access and permissions, approval, inherited properties, and much more. Streamline your article and form organizing method right now (after updating to fluig 1.5, of course).


Which is the most popular post?


Now you can know who won contests before the official announcement: follow the contest in real time by sorting posts according to the number of supports. In addition, if the HR area used the Social customization events, the contest will run even smoother.


Muted article

Only share your article when you want

Promote and share your articles with rich content among the target audience. Do you want to launch a new internal campaign, but you want to make sure everything is ready in advance? No problem; when posting an article, you can now choose when it will be released in the community, since it is no longer automatically posted after posting new articles.



Share the knowledge

The platform now offers an interactive e-learning feature


titleWhat is LMS?

LMS - Learning Management Systems (also known as SGA) are virtual or semi-attendance training/learning tools.


The fluig LMS allows disseminating corporate knowledge based on two main pillars: Learning management and Evaluation management.
Learning management allows managing and monitoring the execution of available e-learning processes, indicating how your company’s self-learning catalog is organized, dividing classes based on required knowledge, and establishing class follow-up procedures - instructors, tutors, etc. All of this offered in a modern interface, through a collaborative environment based on the fluig social resources you already use every day.

Promoting knowledge through training courses is not enough: it is paramount to ensure whether your employees (“students”) are actually acquiring all of the knowledge available in the catalog. The fluig LMS Evaluation management allows you to quickly and efficiently assess the progress of knowledge sharing initiatives within your companies, identifying team training needs, creating evaluations based on the question database and according to different difficulty levels.


But wait, there’s more. Check out the key features available in fluig LMS:


    • Organized knowledge
      Create training catalogs with support to multiple contents, define requirements, pre- and post-evaluations, minimum grades, and issue certificates.

    • Learning guide
      Create Learning tracks to guide studies and ensure knowledge is being properly transmitted. Learning tracks sort multiple training courses or other tracks in a logical sequence of goals.

    • Approved? Issue a certificate.
      Don’t leave any accomplishment behind: use the online editor to create certificates for each training course available in the catalog. This allows your students to show everyone else they passed the course - everyone likes to hang training certificates in their office walls.

    • Put your students’ knowledge to the test - literally
      For evaluations, create a question database sorted by topics. There are several different types of questions and viewing modes:
      • Topic
      • Multiple choice
      • Objective/drop-down list
      • Gap
      • Scale/value
      • Correlation/multivalue
      • Essay
      • Sorted

    • Avoid test fraudscreate unique tests for your students
      Don’t worry: fluig LMS’s evaluations are configurable, allowing you to define the random question selection process based on filter and difficulty, grades, feedback, auto-correct and review rules.

    • Plan everything and simply monitor your students’ performance
      Create a learning backlog for your students by scheduling evaluations and establishing execution deadlines.

    • Measure, compare, improve.
      Obtain answer statistics regarding questions, evaluations or scheduling procedures for each evaluation performed.

    • Evaluate your students in all aspects
      Define the correction flow for essay questions. That’s right: in fluig LMS, you are not restricted to objective questions.

    • Come one, people
      The Collaborative events allow organizing multi-session events, both online and on-site, with session assignment controls, attendance controls, and event minutes.

    • To each his own
      Control your students and available knowledge through the disciplines and classes catalog. This catalog supports learning topics and various different activity types, including contents, evaluations, training courses, and extracurricular activities (individual or group).

    • Smooth management
      Manage the activities and contents of multiple classes in a centralized and efficient manner through the template classes, featuring various application profiles for the same discipline.

    • On the tip of the mouse pencil
      With the Accounts and credits control, it has never been easier to approve and manage registrations in your company’s training courses, tracks and classes.

    • What is the profile?
      Learn more about your students’ knowledge profiles with the distribution of skills achieved upon completion of training activities.

    • Migrate to fluig LMS
      Don’t fret: when migrating to fluig LMS, you can bring along all of the knowledge available on your previous e-learning tool. fluig LMS is compatible with SCORM 1.2.

      titleSCORM? Is it some kind of food?
      No. SCORM (Sharable content object reference model) is a set of web-based e-learning definitions and specifications.
      Simply put: SCORM is a market standard supported by LMS, in order to make sure fluig is your only interface to manage corporate learning.


    • Tran$$$form knowledge
      Don’t make your training course only available for your company: expand to more students through the fluig Store. You can distribute common topic training courses to other companies through the fluig store - either free-of-charge or fee-based; it’s your choice. Besides distributing training courses at the fluig store, you can also access new training courses.


    • But I don’t want this card. Humpf.
      No problem: in fluig, you decide when to use a card. Use the fluig permissions mechanism to remove permissions from all learning items. This way, you decide when your fluigers will receive the news.

And best of all: you don’t pay a single extra penny for fluig LMS.


Simply update to fluig 1.5 and LMS will be automatically available.
Well, a video is worth a thousand words: check out the fluig LMS overview:

Widget Connector



Don’t fall behind
Become a true expert in the platform and all of its new features


In some scenarios, users must perform simple validations in process forms, which don’t require querying datasets or external systems, for example. We created a brand new technique to make such validations even faster, where the logic you developed under the platform is executed in the fluig interface, rather than the server.
This technique is highly recommended for situations in which validations must be performed solely using the data entered in forms by individuals - such as the mandatory completion of fields. This technique expedites the entire process, providing a much more efficient process moving activity, especially in fluig Mobile, since it eliminates the need for the application to issue requests to mobile telephony carriers (3G/4G).



Hey, don’t forget the closing quotes


Who has never faced unexpected situations in processes, forms or events due to simple code syntax errors that slipped through the cracks before making its way into fluig? A missing semicolon, missing quotation marks, etc.
fluig studio 1.5 eliminates this problem, since only events developed in fluig Studio with correct syntax are sent to fluig. fluig Studio always notifies users in case of syntax errors:



Old school 

fluig studio is now even more compatible

You are no longer restricted to using fluig studio synchronized with the fluig update. Example: fluig 1.5.0 with fluig studio 1.5.0.
Starting from fluig studio 1.5.0, we have increased the number of compatible versions: you can use the latest fluig studio update with not so recent fluig updates. For example: you can develop apps using your fluig 1.5.0 and your studio 1.5.2. We support a range of up to four different updates. Using the last example, whenever fluig Studio 1.5.5 is released, you don’t have to update fluig in order to keep developing apps.


fluig Style guide certified 


fluig provides various mechanisms to optimize apps developed in the platform. The most recent mechanism is the fluig style guide certified, which checks whether you used the fluig Style guide’s components or third-party components.


titleWhy should I use the fluig style guide?

We recommend using the fluig style guide because all components are validated in browsers that support fluig; not to mention all of the performance tests to which fluig style guide components are submitted. By using third-party components, you are subject to browser incompatibility and performance issues.
Avoid headaches: Start using the fluig style guide today. Still don’t know it? Go ahead, click here.


Customized login

Make sure fluig follows your company’s visual identity


Did you know that you can start developing fluig apps based on template projects? You didn’t? Go to right now and never start from scratch again. Need an example? Contact us.


fluig cookbooks

Everything is easier with step-by-step instructions


Yes, the fluig login page is the newest interface to adopt the fluig style guide. You now have a much more modern, user-friendly and even better looking fluig access page:
P.S.: What are you waiting for to use the fluig style guide?


Even more development: introducing fluig SDK


In addition to the public API and all development resources available in the platform, fluig developers now have even more app development resources. With fluig SDK, you can improve Java-based applications by adding fluig platform features.
Enhance your Java applications right now: click here to learn more about fluig SDK.  
Do you use other languages instead of Java? Contact us and suggest new technologies.


More business components

Brand new flavors available in the fluig style guide


    • Share content
      Share posts or simply copy links into the transfer area, through two different options: Share and copy link.
      When sharing - where you can select share targets in the same interface - a few suggestions are displayed to make your life easier. By the way: we also show a preview of the content to be shared. And then there’s the copy link... You get it, right?
      Start using this business component right now!

    • Talk anywhere
      Integrating your app to fluig messaging is not a distant dream: it’s an actual possibility. This integration provides even more efficiency, since you can start personal or group conversations and meetings in real time. By starting a new conversation in your app, a fluig notification is created as if the conversation had been created through the fluig interface - when, in fact, it was created directly on your app. Awesome.
      Integrate your app to fluig messaging RIGHT NOW.

    • Focus on work
      One of the new features of fluig’s social card is the possibility of answering surveys and forms from anywhere, without having to access the community. But wait, there’s more: you can reuse this new feature in your apps, since this novelty was also released as a business component.
      Interested?  Click here to learn more about this new component.

    • Select communities
      This fluig update allows you to boost your apps using the Community selection component. With only a few lines of code, you can have a selection featuring all communities available in fluig.


  • Miscellaneous
    This category shows all novelties in existing components and other brand new features, such as notification sounds.

  • Do you need to make contents stand out visually?
    With the new carousel component, you can display your images in a much more attractive and sophisticated manner, similarly to a slide presentation, which allows you to stop, move forward or back among different images. This component also allows you to create external links, if necessary.

  • Who is the boss of who? 
    If you need to assemble an organition chart for your company, this is the perfect component for you. Add names, pictures and positions of each professional using the template, among other information. In the viewing mode, you can show or hide levels to browse through the company’s hierarchical structure.

  • Easy completion 
    The autocomplet, component optimizes your apps and facilitates field completion by showing suggestions as contents are entered in each field. You can use this component with fluig data - communities, documents, etc. - or other types of data, such as state, city, district, etc.

    In addition, this component is based on a template, which supports miniature images, additional text and much more.

  • Where do I click? 

    In this fluig update, we standardized all links (tag HTML <a>) to enhance elements displayed and clearly show available interactive areas. Check out our recommendations to use the new standardization - we still have not replaced all links to adjust apps; stay tuned.

  • Much more icons 
    In order to release all novelties in fluig 1.5, we must create new icons. And you can also use them, since they are also available in the Style Guide, because we are really nice. Check it out:

  • Yes, we have badges
    You can enhance your interfaces by showing contextualized information through badges (seals). Set custom colors and use them in other style guide components based on templates... Give wings to your imagination  app.

  • 1, 2, 3, ... 99, 100
    The Counter component was rebuilt, simplified and improved to adjust to each application. It now supports more decimal places without affecting the layout, and the HTML structure is much simpler, which allows its application in several different layouts.

  • Just the right flare you need 
    New typography CSS classes are now available to provide a more flexible app development process in fluig, assisting in cases where certain blocks of text must stand out. These new classes help users convey more accurate messages, using context colors to emphasize a piece of information or reduce contrast, when necessary.

  • trec, trec, trec
    The Popover component you already know and use now allows using contents with scroll. You never have to worry about using extended contents again.


Style guide everywhere

More interfaces have been adapted



This feature is only available for fluig administrators.


Public API

A plethora of new services available


fluig provides real-time use statistics via Google Analytics. You probably forgot about this, since we released this new feature a while ago... But we created a guide for you to make the best out of this statistics feature. Click here to check it out.



Change your portal’s layout


Don’t worry, all of your widgets will be organized in the best possible way in your new layout. For real:



flexible layouts 

Customize your portal


titleWould you like to customize subdomains?

When using subdomains to customize access to pages and communities, make sure you make all required settings to the domain used (DNS) in order to use the desired subdomain. Contact the technical support or IT department of your organization to ensure a smooth process.


Walkthrough: Creating portals and widgets with fluig WCM


Click here to check it out. Developing for fluig has never been easier


Intranet kit

Create a portal for your company using data posted in fluig


titleDon’t waste another second

Go to the fluig store and get it now. If you have a technical team and wish to develop the Intranet kit, download the source code here. Limited-time offer free of charge. Don’t miss it.


New widget: content search


Click here to check out how to use the fluig SDK’s superpowers in fluig WCM apps.



fluig Identity integration with fewer clicks


You can now create new behaviors in fluig, based on the action performed in the platform. You can create new events to be executed during login/logout, profile editing, and identity management (Control panel > Users). Check out the new events available:


fluig action

Related event

Creation - Control panel > Users



Edit - Control Panel > Users or edit profile



Activate - Control panel > Users



Deactivate - Control panel > Users







Check out some applications of the countless possibilities of creating new rules offered by individual account events:



Don’t worry: “individual” is not a new fluig feature or card. It is the new name we have given to those who use fluig, who we also fondly refer to as fluigers. In some cases, you will also see references to “identities”, but don’t worry: it’s just our new communication elements.

Who accessed yesterday? What about today?


In addition to allowing the addition of new fluig login and logout rules, this fluig update also provides a full platform access report.
Click here to download reports and retrieve your platform’s information for internal audits.



So, you wanted more fields?


When developing an app for fluig BPM (process), you can send fields used in your process forms to fluig Analytics, in order to create indicators, charts and monitoring panels. The ideal scenario is to always review form fields and only send the required fields, since an analytical tool allows identifying points of attention within a process or routine for a certain period, based on indicators. Nonetheless, you asked for it and you got it: now you have 30 (thirty) fields available on your fluig BPM app. That’s right: thirty.


titleAttention fluig Analytics users - this is not just another useless disclaimer

Don’t update to fluig 1.5 without contacting us to plan your fluig Analytics project data template’s update process. To correctly send the data from fluig to fluig Analytics, synchronize the fluig 1.5 update with your Fluig analytics project data template. Using fluig 1.5 without updating the data template will result in failure when sending the information.



Free as a bird

Communicate with your team anywhere, anytime, whenever and however you want

fluig Messaging is available for smartphones and tablets, including all (yes, we said all) features of the web version - individual chats, group chats, multimedia messages, meetings, video conferences, and real-time collaborations. Of course, all of these features integrated to the platform.


Check out the fluig messaging: 


Until you upgrade to fluig 1.5, have no worries: you can use the fluig Messaging demo mode. If you’ve read this far and still haven’t downloaded fluig Messaging, what are you waiting for?


titleWhat about Windows Phone?

Soon you will be able to communicate with your team anywhere and at anytime, whenever and however you want in your Windows device. Stay tuned to to learn about new developments (or sign-up for the fluig newsletter). Meanwhile, how about sharing with us your favorite thing about fluig Mobile for Windows Phone?


Adding your account to fluig mobile is even easier now: all you need to know is the access address and your credentials. Leave the rest to us. We will use the company name defined by the administrator. 


titleI don’t know the access address. What now?

If you don’t know the access address or if you are having trouble adding your account, contact your organization’s technical support or IT department.


View protected documents in mobile
Of course we would never let you down: this fluig update allows you to view protected documents both on the web and in mobile.

Check it out:


Window reading

Start celebrating: you can now access Document browsing through your Windows Phone
And there’s nothing better than a dialog to showcase this new feature:


titleClick here to view all fixes




  • Form field creation in the modeling tool marked as mobile and containing special characters in the name.

  • Export of requests under management of the individual authenticated in fluig.

  • Email validation when creating and editing individual registrations in fluig.

  • Display of the script name of a conditional-type activity executed in the fluig log.

  • Display of process names in the request Query screen, based on the language defined by the authenticated user.

  • Submission of notifications to the person responsible for the next task, following an automatic activity.

  • Warning message for Related Document not found during document inclusion in fluig via Web Service.

  • Targeting posts generated based on the sharing of image galleries between communities.

  •  Changes to the properties or permissions of forms containing related events. 

  • Generation of BIRT reports using datasets developed under the platform.

  • Search for persons in charge of processes with a manager definition mechanism established.

  • Importing of fluig processes to studio with forms containing images.

  • Assignment of activities to processes using the Timer-type component, followed by automatic activities.

  • Definition of the document code attached to a form, based on the setExternalDocumentId method of DocumentDto.

  • Validation for form fields outside of the <form> tag, defined as descriptors.



Update procedure 

Updating to fluig 1.5 is easier than taking candy from a baby.  It’s the same procedure you already know. Forgot how it works? Let’s look at it one more time:



  • Download the media in fluig Support;


  • Start the fluig services (in this order):
    • New internal viewer (if applicable)
    • RealTime
    • Memcached





title¿Qué le parece actualizar memcached?

Fluig 1.5 es compatible con la última versión de memcached - 1.4.22. Actualícelo hoy mismo. Si necesita de ayuda, ingrese a Cookbooks fluig.




    • fluig

  • Wait until the fluig startup process is completed.


titleDon’t worry: everything is under control

This fluig update contains several new features, some of which we have already gone over. In fact, we hope you have read everything.
In addition, we have optimized all possible and imaginable bytes of our architecture, allowing an even smoother day-to-day experience to all fluigers. Therefore, the first fluig startup process may take a while longer than you were used to. Don’t worry: this will only happen during the first startup process.
If you are interested, check out the nerdy details here.

Remember: after starting up fluig 1.5 for the first time, go get a cup of coffee and read the fluig update Release Notes again while we sort everything out for you.
By the way, have you watched the videos already?