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Introduction to AdvPL language


One of the most frequent and useful applications computers and information systems is the storage, control and processing of a database. A programming language enables these data to be recovered, processed, transformed into other information through calculations, recorded and displayed to users through searches or reports.


One of the information systems most used by companies nowadays is ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Through a ERP, all the areas of a company are integrated, sharing its data and giving more agility and accuracy in the generation and transmission of data among areas and departments of the company. For example, when the Invoicing area issues an invoice, system automatically generates the respective bills receivable in Financial area.


AdvPL is a complete programming language for development of applications in ERP Protheus, developed and traded by TOTVS.  Its origin is based on languages of the pattern xBase, as Clipper and others.


AdvPL is a very powerful, flexible and complete language.    Through this, you can develop new applications for ERP Protheus and adapt some processes to the needs of each company.


With AdvPL it is possible to develop applications to:


Create, relate and organize a group of data;

Manipulate data through inclusion, alteration and exclusion operations.  Besides, it is possible to view them selectively and according to user specifications;

Execute mathematical, logical and decision operations with data, generating new data or extracting information. Create screens for maintenance and view of data by user;

Create reports so user can view data;

Enable user interaction with the applications through web pages and e-mails.


With AdvPL language, you can work with several data banks, both paid and free ones, such as SQL, Oracle, DB2, Informix, Postgre, MySql, etc.