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Table of Contents

What is fluig Identity?

Identity manages identities in fluig. Its mission is to centralize access to multiple systems by using a single login for each user, ensuring control and security for the company's applications.

Single Sign-On: a single password for everything

Multiple systems require multiple passwords. On a daily basis, it is difficult to remember and ensure the security of all of them. Fluig Identity can solve this problem for you: after logging on, you have easy access to all your applications.

Centralized access management

Each system in your company has an exclusive environment for user management and permission. In addition, security maintenance and access to information can become a big headache when moving people within the company. Identity allows simplified, unified total control over these activities, making things much easier for IT.

Simplified password reset

One of the worst productivity villains in system management is user password recovery. Lost access? No problem! With Identity, password reset is self-service, which increases end user's autonomy and reduces IT personnel's workload.

Quick guide

Do I need internet access to use fluig Identity?