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General view of the structure of AdvPL language.


AdvPL is structured programming language, composed by a group of commands, functions and objects.


An AdvPL program is composed by one or more routines. A routine consists of a series of instructions (commands, functions and objects) that follow rules of syntax defined by AdvPL language, with the aim of performing specifics operation in computer. A typical program can have different types of instructions, such as:


  • Commands, Statements, Execution of functions.
  • Execution of procedures, Directives to the pre-processor.
  • Structures of flow control of execution and decision, Attribution of values.
  • Comments.

A program is stored in a text file that is usually recorded with .PRW extension. This file is created through a development environment named TDS (TOTVS Developer Studio).


Blank spaces and tabulations are ignored by compiler of AdvPL, enabling line of the program to be formatted to facilitate its reading and understanding or is interpreted as the end of an instruction line of the program.


Therefore, a program is a text file containing several routines (procedures or functions) written in AdvPL, each one executing a specific operation, according to nature and aims of the developed applications. An application usually contains different programs, according example bellow. 


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