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The content belonging to one function must be in the same line that the function. The content of a "if" must have a tabulation (we suggest the tabulation to have 4 spaces) more distant than the beginning of the "if" row, and son on.

 // HorizontalPositionAndSpace.prw
Function HorizontalPositionAndSpace()
Local cVar1:= ""
Local nVar2 := 0
Local nCount := 1
If Empty(cVar1)
    ConOut("cVar1 está vazia.")
    If nVar2 == 0
        ConOut("nVar2 é zero.")
For nCount := 1 To 10
    ConOut("nCount: " + AllTrim(Str(nCount)))
Next nCount
Begin Sequence
    // Do something
End Sequence

This separation, as well as the vertical formatting, will give you a clear view of what belongs to who.

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