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The aim of this good practice guide is defining conventions, standards, practices and techniques that improve the quality and the maintenance of the created softwares using ADVPL language and the Microsiga Protheus. 

The document is divided in four parts, each one of them is concentrated in one part of the groups of the knowledge necessary for all ADVPL developer. 

The first part concerns the group of conventions and formatting rules of ADVPL source-code. The second part adds knowledge through the standards of design and structure used in the development of Microsiga Protheus. The third part demonstrates important questions for the performance improvement. The last part describes the practices and techniques of programming that go beyond the rules and standards of design, giving tips and scenarios that may help the developer to practice an objective and quality programming. 

Part of the source-codes in ADVPL is not 100% adherent with the good practice guide. The evolution of the guide and the adaptation of the source-codes for the conventions and standards must be executed according the development and maintenance of the routines and modules.

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