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CloudBridge platform has been discontinued

CloudBrigde is the platform for mobile device applications developed by the Protheus Technology team which enables the full integration between:

JavaScript <> Access to mobile device <> ADVPL

CloudBridge  follows the same tools standardized as Cordova or Ionicis. Below is a comparison for a better preview of the Platform.

What do you get from CloudBridge?

In addition to running on the mobile device, the applications developed for CloudBrigde can be run on desktop OS (Windows, Linux and MacOS), as well as all tools in the Protheus Server environment, such as Rest, WSDL, SQLite native bank, tools for manipulation Of XML, etc.

CloudBridge and ADVPL

CloudBridge allows, but does not force, the use of ADVPL language, but makes it an ally when a large processing is required, a feature that is not strong in Javascript. 

Thus, developers of other brands, such as Datasul or RM, can use the Platform as a Minimum learning curve.

A integração com o Cordova e o IONIC

On CloudBridge’s version 0.5.2 the integration with Cordova e o Ionic has been changed.

We homologate Ionic 4.3.1 and Cordova 7.1.0 versions.
npm install -g ionic@4.3.1 cordova@7.1.0

Install Gradle from the link bellow, we tested the version 4.10.2

Insert the BIN folder of Gradle on the PATH, like this:
set path=C:\android\gradle-4.10.2\bin;%path%

In order to start the project:
cb start your_project --ionic

When the message bellow has showed, choose N:
? Try Ionic 4? (y/N)N

Proceed with project creation:
cd your_project
cb platform add windows android

In order to build
cb build android -c

The APK will be created on:

CloudBridge on Youtube