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    The Redis server version used is 2.8.24, which is the most recent supported by Amazon in Jan 20, 2016.

    By default the Redis server uses the TCP 6379 port, which must be open in the firewall of the computer in which the Redis server is installed.

    For any additional configuration, access the website 'http://redis.io/topics/config'.

    For further information on the Redis server, visit the home page 'http://redis.io'.


    1.  Installation in Linux Environment

    Download the source from link 'http://download.redis.io/releases/redis-2.8.24.tar.gz'.

    Decompress the downloaded file 'redis-2.8.24.tar.gz'.

    tar xvf redis-2.8.24.tar.gz


    In the current directory, create the subdirectory 'redis-2.8.24' with the sources from the Redis server.

    Compile the Redis server, running the command 'make' in an open terminal in directory 'redis-2.8.24' where you have decompressed the sources.

    cd redis-2.8.24

    The compilation products will be in directory 'redis-2.8.24/src': the server 'redis-server', and the client in command line 'redis-cli'. 

    Note The client 'redis-cli' is useful only for maintenance activities and tests in the Redis server.

    Useful Redis Commands
    # Command to analyze all requisitions received by Redis
    # Retorns the quantity of keys registered
    # Gets the list with all the keys 
    KEYS [default search]
    KEYS R*
    # Updates the value of a variable
    SET [variable] [value]
    # Gets the value of a variable
    GET [variable]
    GET RL
    # Removes a variable
    DEL [variable]
    DEL RL

  2. Installation in Windows Environment

    The Redis server home page for Windows is in the website 'https://github.com/MSOpenTech/redis'.

    1.   Manual installation in a derectory

    Download the zip file with the Redis server files from the link 'https://github.com/MSOpenTech/redis/releases/download/win-2.8.2400/Redis-x64-2.8.2400.zip'.

    Decompress the file 'win-2.8.2400/Redis-x64-2.8.2400.zip' in any directory (p. ex.: 'c:\redis-2.8.2400').

    In this directory, you will find the binaries, configuration files and documentation.

    The server is the file 'redis-server.exe', and the client is the file 'redis-cli.exe'. Both are text applications. When you run them, they open a "DOS" window.
    Note You can use the client 'redis-cli.exe' only for maintenance and testing activities.
    (see Useful Redis Commands


    2.   Automated Installation

    Download the installer from link 'https://github.com/MSOpenTech/redis/releases/download/win-2.8.2400/Redis-x64-2.8.2400.msi'.

    Double-click to start the installer through the regular Windows process, then follow instructions.

    Redis server files will be copied to directory 'c:\program files\redis' (unless you choose to install it in another directory).


    3.   Using Redis server as a service in Windows

    You can use Redis server in Windows by command line or install it as a service.

    If you use automated installation (item 2.b), the Windows service is automatically installed.

    If you manually install it in a directory (item 2.a), access site  'https://raw.githubusercontent.com/MSOpenTech/redis/3.0/Windows%20Service%20Documentation.md'  for instructions on how to install the Redis server as a Windows service.


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