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Check out the new features available in the fluig 1.6.4 update:


Introducing Fluig Forms BETA – a brand new form editing experience

Creating new features on Fluig to help your company go digital is what we’re all about. These small drops of technology can help you create solutions to carry you through your digital journey. 

After listening to our customers and their pressing need for new features that do not require extensive technical know-how, we launched the fluig Forms BETA model.

The new and fully redesigned form editor offers many advantages and user-friendly features that will surprise you. Check it out:

Drag, drop and start editing!

We created new elements that can be dragged and dropped onto the Forms Beta screen to be edited and filled on your forms quickly and easily, just like you always wanted. Need more than one column? No problem! Need to use tabs and sessions? It’s just a click away. Want to add an image to illustrate something?  Drag and drop! Learn more about the new form elements.

This is just the first step of the form update process! 

The word BETA means that this release will be a test run to polish our developments and implement new features, making the new form editor even better and creating a wide range of solutions within the platform. It also means that it will have all of our support and improvement efforts.

Some scenarios are still not covered in this phase, so you still won’t be able to use fluig Forms in your processes. We’ve been working very carefully to make this the ultimate experience to create forms in our platform. We’re counting on your support by sharing your opinions with us, and we’ll make sure we’re on the right track and do our best to meet your expectations. We’ve prepared a survey for those of you that are testing the new version.

But don’t worry: the previous form editor is still available and working as usual, and the integration between the form and the process is still the same, with no impact to the developments you’ve already made on the platform.

Manage form records with just a few clicks! 

We have taken your platform forms to a whole new level. You can now manage them quickly and easily, saving even more time.

With the new Registrations Widget, you can view, create, edit, add and delete form records much more dynamically, so you don’t have to browse through folders when managing them and you can create new interactions with your users.

For example, you can create a list of franchises and their contact information in your community of sales representatives. Simply create your form, edit your community page and add the Registrations Widget to the form.

This puts all of the main actions just a few clicks away. Check out this brand new feature!

Create, edit, and now export too!

We’ve considered the full cycle of information, so in addition to creating, editing and viewing your pages, you can now export data from your form to a spreadsheet and create analyses based on this data.

Easy document sharing!

Need to share a document with someone who doesn’t have a fluig account? Your wish is granted! The External Sharing feature makes the document sharing process much easier.

You can share the document externally, generating a public link to access it from anywhere... Pretty easy, right? But remember, this option must be set in the document’s properties in order to use this feature.


Use images and videos to make your company portal more engaging!

We all know that a portal must be engaging, up-to-date and easy-to-use in order to be successful in the work environment. That’s why we made it easier to add media files to platform pages.

Simply use the Content Editor Widget to post the images and videos saved on your computer directly to the portal. Check out the video and see how simple it is:

A portal like this makes you want to show it to everybody, right? That is also much easier now!

We created the concept of public documents because we understand the importance of public portals when a company shares information with its customers and partners – without requiring more registrations, logins, and passwords.

After posting an image in the Content Editor widget, you can now set it as a public or private document. Public documents are visible to anyone accessing the page, while only authenticated users can view private documents.

To learn which documents are public, check if the icon has a globe: 

Learn more!

See the documentation Configure Content editor widget and Public documents to check out all the details on this new feature.

Exporting pages has never been so quick

We always recommend our customers to use a development environment where they can test page creation on the platform, without risking an impact on other users’ workflow. This good practice provides security and predictability to the projects in development.

Sometimes, however, migration of developed components from the acceptance test environment to the production environment can become costly for administrators. To mitigate this situation, we are providing you with a new way of exporting pages between servers.

Register different servers in the development environment and send the new and updated pages to other facilities with just a few clicks and directly via the platform - without having to install anything! 

Learn more about how to register a fluig Server and export your pages using this new feature.



More security when viewing your process

Different processes require different levels of security. This is why we have made the permissions within processes even more complete, in response to requests from our customers that need to guarantee the total security of their processes. Now it is enough to configure in the process the permission of those who can view it even though they did not participate in the process. This will be very useful for processes where only certain people can view it. For example, in a hiring process, only the HR area needs to track and consult requests that have been opened, thus being inaccessible to other employees. To do this is simple. First, edit your process, where you will need to create a new version of it. After that, configure the public option shutdown of the process configuration, so everyone who did not participate in the process will be prevented from querying the requests. Then, in the process listing, configure the Permissions column by creating an RH group in the list. Finally, release the version of the process. Ready, you will have the security you want in your process!


The Mobile column was removed from the Configure processes screen and is now available in Process properties, in the General tab. See our documentation Process configuration for more details.

Stay tuned!

For more information about the new available action, see our user documentation Configure processes.

    Have a manager view of the processes on the mobile

    Do you want to interact and make decisions on process requests in which you are the manager, even when away from the office, using the mobile application? Customers who are process managers need to be connected to all the tasks of the processes under their management. Therefore, given the requests, you can now view the tasks through the Terafas tab under my management located in the task center of the mobile platform. Enabling a routine with more agility, allowing to follow the progress of the tasks under management wherever you are!


    This update is already available for download in the Android and IOS versions.

    Stay tuned!

    For more details on Tasks under my management, visit our uusary documentation: Tasks under my management.

      Attachment rules - Create without code

      We already understand! Security is vital to your business, and creating security for attachments in your process activities is also a priority. The new Attachment Rules tab has been specially modeled to allow or restrict the inclusion of attachments by types, names, and / or quantities. Attachment rules are events that will occur in moving from one activity to another, and may occur in normal activities or start-up activities.

      Stay in!

      For more details about the settings of this feature, access the User Documentation Configure Activities and Flows.

        For a more fluid block drive!

        Our customers loved being able to move their processes in block. This brings agility and productivity. Now at Waterdrop, it got even more fluid. Previously the movement of activities was interrupted if one or more activities presented inconsistency. And it was hearing our customers that we brought this news. Now when moving block activities, if one of the requests has some type of error, all other requests that have not been inconsistent will be moved without interruption. At the end, the summary of the movements brings the status of activities that have been successfully moved and which have not been successful so that they can be verified. Pretty cool huh?

        Stay tuned!

        For more details on block handling, see our user documentation: Tasks to complete.

          Manually executed service activity is a hand on the wheel!

          Do you have Jobs from service activities caught in your environment? So pay attention to this news. From now on, process managers will have a second chance to run those jobs and move the request without requiring technical juggling. Simply access the task center in the stopped requests and click Send, the Job will be triggered immediately and a message will be presented, requesting confirmation of the movement of a scheduled activity.

            Now it has become much easier to cancel requests!

            If you need to cancel requests but were ever lost where to do this? Stay tuned, because now it has become much more intuitive. In the "Tasks to complete" and "Tasks under my management" tabs, it will now be possible to cancel a request by moving. That is, if you are a user who initiated the request or a process manager, when selecting and opening the request, on the arrow next to the Send button, we will have, among the options, the Cancel request option. Simply trigger the option to cancel request, give the reason for the cancellation and ready, your request is canceled immediately.

            Stay in!

            For more information about cancellation of requests, check out our Tasks to Finish user documentation and Tasks under my management.

              List tasks brings news to ensure optimization of your process!

              When moving a process in the List Jobs feature, it was previously necessary to fill in the Status field on the form to reject or complete the activity before sending. From now on, a new flow is available and consists of much simpler and more intuitive actions. Right after selecting the process in the task center, just push the button Send and a new screen will be displayed. In it, you can view the process graph and select the Rejected or Finished options. Since the selected option is green in the graph, showing exactly the user the option that was chosen. After that, just send it and that's it. Another novelty is the Task List process in Approval, which was previously not configured to be used in the Application, and is now available and allows requests to be approved. Check out these news and let your process move much more smoothly!


              This scenario is only for new companies created in fluig. For existing companies, the Form Status field in the Task List remains, but only for query purposes. The new screen, mentioned above, is implemented and will be through it that you can select the desired option to move your activity.

              If you have the Status field and have selected one of the Rejected or Completed options, you must enter it again in the new move screen.

              Ex: If you have opted in the Status by Rejected field, after you click Send, the default option that will be checked is Completed, so you need to re-mark it as Rejected. Make sure you have checked the correct option on the move screen before triggering Send.


                A new evaluation experience to surprise your users!

                Answering evaluation questions – in most cases – gets you nervous, doesn’t it? That is why we have improved the evaluation process and made it more comfortable – or less tense ;) – offering you more usability and practicality, as well as a much more pleasant, user-friendly layout.

                You can now drag alternatives to sort them, connect the alternatives to relate them, and move the value scales much more accurately, among other actions that are much more dynamic. Felt like taking some evaluations, huh?

                More details...

                For more details about the actions available, go to Answer evaluation questions.

                It’s up to you: allow or not allow registrations from the history?

                Don’t you wish you could request registration in tracks and training courses from the user’s history?

                Well, now it’s up to you: via the Allow registration requests in the history of tracks and training courses option – in Tracks and training settings – you can set whether or not to allow users to request a new registration in a completed item from viewing it in the history.


                  Integration Wizard - Create Datasets from REST Services

                  It is innovating that we bring you the ease in integrating the components, which you both need on a daily basis. And with that in mind, we've brought you a new generation of Datasets for you. After creating the possibility of generating Datasets from JDBC and SOAP services, it is now also possible to create from REST services. As a requirement for REST services, it must be exposed by the swagger. Therefore, when creating a new service of type REST in the Services feature, it will be requested to include a valid swagger address so that, when creating Dataset, we have access to the definition of the return data.

                  Stay tuned!

                  For more details on the above information, visit our Datasets and Services user documentation.

                    Access View and Synonym in your database queries

                    Our customers loved being able to query the database by launching Snowflake. With that, we received dozens of opinions on how we could improve your queries. Therefore, when creating a new Dataset with JDBC type service, in addition to the existing Table type, we can now also refer to the new View and Synonym types. Novelty that provides lightness and practicality for your integration activities, for the most different types of bank structures.


                    The Synonym type is only available in the Oracle database.

                    Stay in!
                    For more details on querying databases, access our user documentation in Datasets.


                      Updated indexing engine brings benefits for your platform

                      We’ve got great news for you! The indexing engine has been updated and now features improved security and performance, and optimized resources. Revisions were also made to improve the rate, achieving a reduction of over 50% in used disk space compared to previous versions. There’s more, high availability configuration has also evolved and now it allows registration of more addresses, providing redundancy in case of failure in one of the services.

                      Stay tuned because at first startup, after updating fluig Waterdrop, a full indexing will automatically run so you can enjoy all these improvements. And the cool thing about it is that this procedure will be performed in the background, allowing the use of other platform features.

                      No more support for the MySQL 5.5 database with fluig

                      As of this update, the MySQL database 5.5 version is no longer supported by the fluig service team. This means that you must update your MySQL database, because the Waterdrop update (1.6.4) will be interrupted if a non-approved version is identified in the database. 

                      Read the full news story here.

                      Still using the auxiliary cache service configured in fluig?

                      If the answer is Yes, you can now release this feature because it’s no longer needed. The fluig cache is now controlled and synchronized through the database, which is also shared between all nodes (cluster) in cases of load balancing and high availability, in addition to having a direct connection to fluig in cases of simple installations. And best of all, you don’t need to configure any settings to disable it!

                      Save in your fluig platform infrastructure getting rid of tools such as MemCached or Redis because they’re gone for good!

                      Read the full news story here.

                      Documentation news 

                      • Noticed that SCORM content stopped working when using Google Chrome? Check out this FAQ to learn how to fix it.
                      • Questions when creating an acceptance test environment? We’ve added new documentation topics covering possible settings that have been configured on the platform. Click here to check them out.



                      • Fixed a problem with the integration between fluig and fluig Identity so that Identity data are updated correctly in the Company in question.
                      • Fixed the message displayed in the browser when the fluig service starts up.
                      • Fixed syntax inconsistency when registering user additional data.
                      • Fixed the message displayed in the browser when the fluig service starts up.
                      • Fixed inconsistency in the findActiveUsersUsingFilter method call of the Public API when using a user with numeric characters.
                      • Improved deploy validations in the fluig Component Center.
                      • Fixed JavaScript file internationalization in fluig custom artifacts.
                      • Fixed the procedure to create and update the authentication token in the fluig Mobile application so that it is executed after logging in. This fix applies to environments integrated with Identity fluig.
                      • Added authentication authorization via API for administrator users to query fluig monitoring services.
                      • Fixed inconsistency when sending the fluig password recovery e-mail.
                      • Fixed an issue with login validation performed via fluig Studio on the fluig platform (1.6.3) integrated with fluig Identity.
                      • Improved the action messages configured by the user in the Clear Notifications feature in the Notification Center.
                      • Fixed an issue with the sending of parameter that validates the PAGE feature permission: Start Requests.
                      • Fixed specific term requirements in the fluig Search feature.
                      • Updated Certisign Digital Signature component that allows approved browsers to digitally sign documents and processes in the fluig platform.
                      • After validating implementation, the offset parameter was deleted from the DatasetService API.
                      • Fixed an issue with the language in the platform’s e-mail templates.
                      • Fixed an issue with the platform’s integrated authentication settings so that, when identifying integration with Active Directory, it redirects to the login screen as a non-registered user accesses fluig.
                      • Fixed language selection on the platform’s login screen when using Integrated Authentication.
                      • Fixed “likeValue” parameter comparison submitted for dataset query.
                      • Validation included in the creation of platform companies to disallow duplicate e-mails.
                      • Fixed sorting of the scheduled tasks list to display by “Description”, “Type”, “Last Run Time” and “Next Run Time”.
                      • Improvements made to the version validation process when updating the platform.
                      • Improved platform access control details.
                      • Fixed an issue with search security filters, improving return of results when performed by administrator users.
                      • Fixed an issue in the platform for the custom login screen to be displayed on the access of all nodes when there is load balancing.
                      • Improved validations to send password recovery to all users when fluig Identity is disabled in the platform.
                      • Fixed an issue with the indexation server so that the tags already created when posting documents are suggested in new posts.

                      Fixed continuous display of the language on the Control Panel screens when using more than one load balancing and high availability environment.


                      • Fixed an issue so that there are no inconsistencies in the images shared in the timeline when there are configuration problems in the locations.
                      • Fixed viewing (via fluig Studio plugin) of datasets generated from forms containing a Zoom field with multiple values.
                      • Fixed an issue so that, when updating a form added to a descriptor field, it uses the form version for which the record was created.
                      • Fixed inconsistency when deleting a child record from the form, so that the record is also deleted from the database and does not render a blank row. 
                      • Fixed inconsistency when changing folder security, so that indexation starts right after the security change is made in the folder.
                      • Change made so that, when opening a form record with its form version containing the .. /vcXMLRPC.js. script, the HTML part "../vcXMLRPC.js" is changed to "/webdesk/vcXMLRPC.js". This way the JS error no longer occurs.
                      • Fixed an issue so that it receives the form in preview mode and not in edit mode when clicking the print button in preview mode. 
                      • Fixed a rendering issue to allow viewing PDF files.
                      • Implementation of setLikeSearch for meta list datasets to allow search for partial words.
                      • Fixed an issue to correctly connect to the Google Drive API, allowing document sharing for collaborative editing.
                      • Fixed an issue with the mustache attachment to first check it as form attachment on mobile. 
                      • Fixed an issue to allow users belonging to groups to move a folder structure containing all its levels.
                      •  Fixed status of automatic synchronization in Connect to display it correctly.
                      • Fixed an issue to display the video URL in its correct format and allow watching them.


                      • Made changes to the training course export and import processes to avoid inconsistencies.
                      • Fixed the display of title and favicon in the tab that opens when viewing training content and these items have been customized in the platform.
                      • Fixed the Full screen view button, available while playing videos, to make it easier for the user to find and click it.
                      • Fixed creation routine for the root topic in the  topics and questions catalog to verify its existence on the first access. If it does not exist, it will be created.
                      • Fixed inconsistency when using SCORM content in a training course by checking the “Use the training course passing score as the SCORM passing score” option.
                      • Changed the label in the search for persons in charge of an account, as it does not allow choosing a group, only users.
                      • Changed topic and topic item display to avoid layout inconsistencies when the topics are long or have different sizes.
                        Now, to view topic items in a class in the catalog, simply click Topic items – in the lower right corner of the table corresponding to the topic.
                      • Fixed synchronization of users and groups between the platform and the LMS routines when a group has over 40,000 users.
                      • Fixed the Progress widget to consider only the pretests the student passed in the calculation of their progress.
                      • Fixed viewing of evaluations – pre- or posttest – for training courses that have been imported into the catalog.
                      • Fixed validation of validity dates in class registrations to avoid inconsistencies when creating a class that lasts only one hour.
                      • Fixed display of the purpose of a training course that is inside of a track in order not to show HTML codes, only the text.
                      • Fixed sending of account-related notifications to avoid inconsistencies while registering users in training courses or classes when the sending of those notifications is disabled.
                      • Fixed the message displayed when an evaluation is completed and the minimum number of correct answers in an evaluation block is not reached.
                      • Fixed the update process from 1.6.2 to a higher version to properly configure the LMS features.
                      • Made changes to display all the released question topics when creating an evaluation block.
                      • Applied improvements for better performance when generating LMS reports.
                      • Fixed the association between requirements and subject class topics.


                      • Fixed terms used in notifications, from English to the correct language selected by the user.
                      • Fixed permission for regular users to edit widgets. That way, users who are not administrators and have been added to the widget permissions can edit it again.
                      • Fixed procedure to change themes in order to allow the application of the Snowflake theme to environments where this change exceeded the transaction time and was interrupted, preventing interface changes.
                      • The following endpoints have been re-added to the platform API and fixed for the new service default: /wcm/api/v1/pages/, /wcm/api/v1/layouts/, /wcm/api/v1/layouts/pageCode/pages/ e /wcm/api/v1/pages/pageCode/reset.
                      • Fixed inconsistency when accessing a subpage not yet posted via the side menu of the Snowflake theme. In this situation, the platform displayed the message “Unable to load the menu”.Added the Search, Notification Center and Messaging widgets to the Collaborative layout so that they are displayed after applying this layout to a page.
                      • Deleted the User profile widget from the list of widgets available to be added to pages, as it was being incorrectly displayed.The page Store Items has been moved to the General tab of the Control Panel to make it easy for the company administrator to find it.
                      • Fixed application of themes to pages so they use the theme set for the company. 
                      • The Datatable component description and examples in fluig Style Guide were supplemented to make it easier to understand the feature.
                      • Changed page behavior when resized to very low resolutions so that the search bar is no longer displayed, avoiding layout breaks.Fixed ERP information loading in the Quick Search widgets.
                      • The filter available on the Control Panel Groups page has been fixed to allow search when there is paging because there are more than 30 registered groups.
                      • Restored display of items in the side menu (Classic theme) that were not being loaded when one of the custom pages had the Enable sub-pages option checked, and the Display sub-pages in the sub-menu option unchecked.
                      • Fixed the fluig Style Guide Datatable component in order to respect the mobileMainColumns property settings.
                      • Fixed an issue in the 1.6.3 EP3 update for environments that use the Oracle database.
                      • When importing a page, the registered description was replaced by “Imported version”. Fixed the issue to keep the original description. 
                      • When a community was disabled, the internal dataset “CommunityDataset” still had the community as active. Fixed isActive column value to display the correct status of the community.  
                      • When adding the News widget of the intranet kit, the time of the timeline posts was not displayed. Fixed behavior and updated the intranet kit package.
                      • Fixed rendering in the search feature of the fluig Style Guide Filter component.
                      • Restored option to change companies for platforms with use experience enabled in the snowflake theme.
                      • Restored display of the “Tags Cloud” widget added to a community so that the most used tags are correctly displayed.
                      • When updating an environment with the 1.6.1 update or lower, some components were not created. Fixed configuration to create all the components.
                      • In a snowflake-themed company, the user was not notified they received a notification until the page was refreshed. Fixed behavior so that the notifications are displayed in real time.


                      • The counter displayed next to the Task central tabs (Due tasks, My requests, etc.) was fixed to display the correct number of pending activities after a block task is cancelled.
                      • The button for the table containing additional information and displayed when a problem occurs while moving a process has been renamed to “See technical details” in order to make the intention of this feature clear. In addition, the information about the operating system and the database has been omitted in order to display more relevant data.
                      • Added calls to JavaScript and CSS files in the file when exporting a new widget created without using a fluig Studio default template.
                      • Allowed automatic activities to run more than once when there is a return flow for this task.
                      • Added support for the Oracle database additional drivers to the Datasets feature of the Control Panel.
                      • Created the History data import documentation to assist users in exporting data from analytics.
                      • Implemented innovation to allow search by value in the task central, not requiring an exact value. As there are requests with different Department values, the value must be “Department%” for the search by field to return all departments, for example “HR Department” and “Financial Department”. In addition to searching values at the end of the word, the beginning and middle of the word are also allowed.
                      • When accessing the task load analysis page in an Oracle environment, it generated errors while grouping to search for activities. Some missing fields have been added to the query in order to group tasks.
                      • Fixed inconsistency when using a custom engine in the process manager, where only 1 record was displayed when querying in the task central, in the tasks under my management tab.
                      • There was a problem with the calculation of the completion deadline for a task when the process working hours were not set for some reason, not allowing the request to be moved. This situation has been fixed.
                      • Fixed inconsistency to allow taking up a task as a substitute for a pooled user.
                      • Fixed an issue with the error message “null” when exporting a process. 
                      • Fixed inconsistencies in the SQL Server Database to display the “Tasks about to expire” filter data when querying the “Monitoring Tasks Under My Management” page.
                      • When trying to remove a custom engine that is being used in a process activity, the correct situation is to not allow removal. However, the error shown on screen is generic while the log displays the business message. Fixed the issue to display the message on screen.
                      • Resolved inconsistency with activities that had chained sub-processes and moved to the next activity automatically.
                      • When two or more conditional activities were generated at the same time, it displayed error in the activity timer (deadlock), preventing them from being performed. This inconsistency has been fixed.
                      • Fixed inconsistency with autoflow, which created two jobs when sending to a conditional activity.
                      • The threshold to check the lost trigger of tasks in progress has been increased to five minutes (up from one minute) and the strategy to recover the lost trigger changed with rescheduling (which previously ran automatically). Thus preventing pending jobs from causing a loop in the system and making it difficult to perform scheduled jobs. However, jobs that were scheduled for a time when the server was down will be rescheduled.
                      • Revision made so that form data in the first activity is only sent if the beforeStateEntry and afterStateEntry scripts are used.
                      • Fixed query and return to correctly display the processes whose task is in a sub-process and has an attached form.
                      • Fixed the inconsistency when trying to export a process using attachment security to the server.
                      • When trying to start a sub-process via the fluig application, it created inconsistency when moving it. Fixed the issue to correct value conversion for the correct model.
                      • When canceling a process and running analytics jar, the completion and opening dates were the same. Fixed a query issue to validate the process end date and not the history.
                      • It did not display the modal asking the user whether or not to write the changes to the sub-processes screen if the process configuration screen were closed without saving or releasing the version. This situation has been fixed.
                      • When registering a connection service with the database containing incorrect data while used in a dataset, the feedback with the error was not displayed to the user. Fixed issue to display feedback of errors generated when connecting to the database via the dataset.
                      • On the service registration screen, there was no validation when no value was entered in the “Driver” field, generating an inconsistency not resolved when registering in the database. Fixed the issue to prevent the service from being created when the “Driver” field is not filled.
                      • Fixed inconsistency with swimlane resizing in Chrome and Firefox. 
                      • Fixed an issue in List tasks, where, when starting and moving a process request and then applying the solution, it created an inconsistency but still allowed it to be moved, removing the activity from the task central list.
                      • When running the tests that direct call the API to create services, there was an inconsistency because a not null field was added but not filled in the DataServiceVO builder. Fixed the issue in the builder to resolve that.
                      • When configuring an activity, the Mobile tab is no longer displaying the Approval home screen, which showed the ‘configure now’ or ‘go to the website’ options. Now it shows the Approval setup screen right after clicking the Mobile tab. To learn how to configure Approval, see our user documentation Configure activities and flows.
                      • Fixed inconsistencies with digital signature in Internet Explorer – IE11 and earlier IE9 and IE10 versions.
                      • When paging a filter sorted by form field in the Sql Server, there was a paging inconsistency and only the first page worked. Fixed the issue so that paging works properly in the Sql Server.
                      • In the “filters for process and task charts” widget, when clicking the field to select processes, the user had the impression that they could only select from the suggested ones. Fixed an issue to require the user to search for the process, so that there are no doubts about the available processes.
                      • Fixed inconsistency when trying to export more robust process flows.
                      • Fixed an issue with NullPointer when transferring an activity containing association mechanism between collaborator’s groups and a role to which no users were assigned.
                      • Tasks about to expire or delayed tasks notifications informed the wrong user in charge. Changed the parameter that fills the person in charge field so that the right user is assigned.
                      • Achieved implementation to allow filtering requests in the task central, informing multiple requisitioners and/or persons in charge.
                      • Fixed an issue to use the correct api and list all users when searching for pooled requests.
                      • Changed the business rule to resolve the inconsistency when moving to a sub-process by moving to the first activity via mobile with a user who has a single destination mechanism.
                      • An offline process was sent to the outbox, stored in the application cache. Changed the sequence of the images posted in parts to fix this inconsistency.
                      • In iOS, when accessing a request via the notification received in the fluig application, the request is open in details mode, instead of the regular one, where it is possible to view the request form and decisions. Fixed business rule to resolve this inconsistency.
                      • In iOS, when accessing a request via the notification received in the application, the request is open in details mode, instead of the regular one, where it is possible to view the request form and decisions. Fixed business rule to resolve this inconsistency.
                      • An offline process was sent to the outbox, stored in the application cache. Changed the sequence of the images posted in parts to fix this inconsistency.
                      • Fixed inconsistencies when moving a task with more than two digital certificate options. Fixed an issue to validate the correct task when moving with certificates.
                      • Made the change in the way the parallel gateway flows are read, to allow the correct import of XPDL files.

                      • In the task center, the date values in the American format yyyy-mm-dd were being formatted for the Brazilian dd-mm-yyyy format. Performed treatment to show the correct value. And in addition to the change, a condition has been created that ensures that the column has a unique date format, dd / MM / yyyy or yyyy-MM-dd. If both formats are found in the same field, nothing will be done and the values will be displayed in text format, making it impossible to sort by date in the column.

                      • Error in creating services where there are no set methods in the WSDL response. Correction was made in the service generation to validate if the output parameters are correct. Also corrected the mode of advanced configuration of the dataset, so that the loading of objects is done correctly in Windows environments.

                      • When you use the onDisplayTasks event by accessing the task center and attempting to export the requests, they appear duplicates. Done so that the requests are no longer duplicated.

                      • Corrected the inconsistency that did not allow sending notifications when exporting the request query, when the initial installation was made from update 1.6.2.

                      • Fixed inconsistency that occurred in the moveDocument API, in the registry of a service of type SOAP. Where the integer list was being converted to string. A change was made to the fix of the object to keep the type of the list.


                      • Fixed display of reported posts on the reports center page in the Control Panel. Now, when reporting a post, it will be properly submitted for the administrators’ consideration.
                      • Fixed an issue with the search to add users to a community. Previously, when entering a letter or two, the search returned the message that there were no users to display, and only searched when the third character was entered. Now the search begins when the third character is entered.
                      • When creating an article in a folder that requires approval, it could also be shared in a community timeline. Fixed the sharing option to allow it only after the article is approved.
                      • When trying to watch a video posted in a community timeline, it did not play before all the other posts were loaded. Changed video player behavior to be available only after the posts were loaded.
                      • Restored viewing of articles posted in communities via the fluig Mobile app for iOS.
                      • When viewing an article posted in a community, the number of views was doubled. Fixed inconsistency to register only one view per user.
                      • When two “New post” widgets were added to the same page, the post button was inactive for both. Fixed their behavior to work simultaneously.


                      • Fixed the received messages counter to disregard the messages that have already been viewed.
                      • Changes made to keep notifications of unread messages when using a tab with anonymous browsing or clear the cache in regular browsing.
                      • Fixed WebEx Meeting component installation to correctly display the Meetings feature in the Collaboration tab of the Control Panel.

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