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Check out the new features available in the fluig 1.6.0 update:


Before updating...

Before applying Update 1.6 to your environment, check out the requirements, guidelines and the step-by-step instructions available at fluig Update Guide.


WildFly and Java 8: State-of-the-art technology to streamline your environment

In order to deliver even more stability, security and speed, two key components of the platform have been updated: the WildFly application server, now on version 10, and the Java execution environment on version 8. Java 8 offers major security, performance and stability upgrades, while WildFly now includes new integration, clustering and resource management features.

In addition, fluig 1.6 has a built-in local cache, as well as an effective new internal cache system that replaces MemCached as the platform default.


Installations using MemCached will maintain this cache system after being updated. The local cache (“localmap”) will be the default system only for new installations. To change the server cache, go to Platform Settings.

Image without changes. Source:, licensed via Creative Commons 3.0.

Stay tuned!

Before applying the Update 1.6 to your environment, make sure the current installation has Update 1.5.10 or higher.

Boot time reduction: Lightning fast right off the bat

Thanks to a series of adjustments and improvements, the platform startup time has been reduced significantly in this release, enhancing performance in environments with multiple instances.

Click here to learn about the settings for load balancing, high availability and cluster.


More stability in cluster environments with session replication support

Load-balanced and/or high availability environments will be even more efficient and stable with the dynamic cluster. This technique allows user sessions to be replicated in different instances of the installation, which increases resilience in case any instance becomes unavailable.

Click here to learn more about the cluster platform configuration.


New search engine and indexation settings ensure faster and more relevant results

Finding the information you need – when you need it – is crucial to your business and day-to-day activities. With that in mind, we upgraded the platform search engine to make your searches faster and the results even more relevant. From now on, any search automatically considers document contents (i.e. you no longer have to select the option for searches to consider document contents.)

In addition, the Indexation settings page now has more options for administrators to tweak procedures based on specific needs.

New indexation options available on the Control Panel


After upgrading the environment, carry out a complete re-indexation of your company’s repositories on fluig. This process is required to optimize the improvements provided by the new indexation and search engine in the platform.



Timer between attempts of a service activity ensure greater assertiveness and speed

Time settings in service activities not only fill the gap of a feature that provides versatility and improved utility, but also eliminates the risk of running a certain activity more than once.
Service activities may now include timer options between reiterations, allowing you to configure the time between attempts to execute a service activity (asynchronous). On the server side, the built-in task scheduler can be used to execute the activity after the specified time, preventing concurrent executions of the same activity. Each activity will be executed every minute and the next attempt will also be informed in the history to warn users.


Standard flow in automatic activities: innovation meets convenience

The standard flow in automatic activities streamlines the modeling process of automatic gateways, which allows for simpler flow contingency programming. The new feature that will allow using the standard flow in automatic activities is achieved by introducing a standard flow both onto Web modeler and on the Studio modeler, for activities planned with BPM 2.0 notation.
This allows the flow to react to automatic decision-making of inclusive and exclusive gateways, automatically shifting to this flow if none of the automatic conditions is affected.

More information

Check the documentation available in Standard Flow.

Undertake a task that is more accessible and clear to all

The ‘Undertake task’ feature has become much more visible and highlighted in this update, and much easier to be located. It is now located outside the request tabs, along with other request options, such as “Send”, “Save” and “Cancel request.”. 


Cancel as many requests as you want, all at once

It is now much easier to cancel multiple requests, in a single click, through the new “Cancel in block” feature, which allows you to cancel multiple requests at once using the same text for cancellation. The feature is located on the “My requests” tab, in the Task central. You can also cancel multiple requests through the public API.

More information

Refer to the public API in the documentation available in Public API Consumption and Consumption of Services in the Public API and SDK component.

Move several processes simultaneously

The new “Moving in block” feature allows simultaneously moving multiple tasks managed by a specific user. This feature is available in the Task Central and can be accessed on the ‘my tasks’ tab, which will allow you to move processes of the same type/version/activity all at once to the next activity.


New option to create templates to send custom e-mails on the platform

You can now use the notifier.notify method to send external e-mails (without a fluig account) and custom templates. Send notifications to everyone!

More information

Check the documentation available in E-mail customization.


Reworked notifier.notify method



Digital signature made easy

Soon, you won’t have to worry about having Java installed on your computer to approve documents (or move requests) with digital signature. We’re simplifying the use of Digital signature and, from now on, if Google Chrome is your favorite browser, you don’t have to worry about Java: we are now using an extension to search your digital certificate. Other browsers – Internet Explorer and Firefox – still require Java installation, but only for a little while.

More flexibility to use Controlled Copy properties

If you dreamed of including extra information in a document through the controlled copy properties, well, your dream has come true! We have created new events to add more flexibility to the use of controlled copy properties: create new properties and change the value of existing properties according to your need:

  • onApplyDocumentPrintProperties
  • onApplyDocumentProtocolProperties
  • onApplyDocumentPublishProperties

Are you interested? Click here to check more details about the events. One such example is available here.


New around here?

Learn more about controlled copy properties here



New methods in the Public API

Now the range of methods to handle Learning and Evaluations items has been extended, with new methods available in the public API. Check it out:



Get streamlined and integrated first access to the platform with the new Help Center

Any doubts about how to use something on the platform? The new Help Center is here to make your search much faster. It provides quick access to key documentation and videos offered in the Developer, Help, Learning and FAQs portals. All of that in a single click! Check out how easy it is:

To access the Help Center, just click the icon (question) on the upper right corner of the page


Documentation News

  • The Dataset Synchronization documentation has been updated to clarify the mandatory defineStructure function in the offline dataset configuration.
  • See the fluig Analytics documentation for Importing history data, updated with new information about the importer’s 1.5-v3 version.




  • Viewing the annex of the request was unavailable to other users when the user that had included it was inactivated. 
  • Inconsistency in request query has been fixed, by filtering by the request number.
  • Behavior that made it impossible to move in block for flows that allow return.

  • E-mail notifications have been adjusted to prevent submission of unduly or duplicated notifications when a joint activity is moved automatically due to delay.

  • Inconsistency in the assignment by form field mechanism has been fixed, allowing the inclusion of one or more users.
  • Adjustment to the use of digital signature, enabling a user who has separate login and registration to view the signature details seamlessly.
  • Validation to correct a task assigned to a blocked user has been added, allowing managers to receive and take over the process, continuing the flow.
  • Treatment to ignore requestor and user validation when trying to cancel or delete a sub-process has been performed.
  • Service activities with error capture were not being released for saving the same diagram more than once. This has been adjusted to correctly configure the diagram and save only one diagram at a time.

  • When adding a user to an activity, such user would not appear in the properties of a 2.0 process. 

  • Adjustment to the parallel activity that failed to detect join when using only flow links, which pointed all to the same output flow.
  • Inconsistency has been adjusted to show when the message is submitted to a substitute initiating the request to the user belonging to a group or role.

  • Registration of substitute with the same user substituted in different periods.
  • Fix to the inconsistency when starting a request whose role was registered for a substitute user, as such substitute would not appear in such role, and when trying to open the request, the page would get blank. 
  • WKUserComment variable that wasn’t returning the add-ons from already initiated requests has been adjusted. 
  • Adjustment to the file format when exporting in query requests.
  • Fix to the user photo display in a request add-on.
  • Displaying the deadline of a task created via onDisplayTasks in the Task Central in fluig Mobile has been fixed.
  • Change to the Expired property allowing delayed tasks created through the onDisplayTasks event to feature a red color in the Task central.
  • Change in events with digital signature that generated inconsistencies, making it impossible to move tasks. Inconsistency resolved by removing the digital signature to sign it again.
  • Inconsistency when informing a value for the column containing the opening date of a task added via the onDisplayTasks event has been fixed so that the startDateProcess field in WorkflowTaskVO can enable informing a value for this column.

  • Join interaction has been fixed, so that the validation will only consider joins without pending threads as completed.
  • Adjustment to inconsistency in transferring activity using the global hAPI variable in the assignment mechanism.



  • Fix to the display of Mobile forms to properly display the platform standards and adjustments made in the message displayed when developing a form.
  • Character limiter implemented on input and textarea fields to avoid exceeding the value of 4000 characters in the Oracle database, making it possible to save forms.

  • Adjustment applied when exporting a new form, because after the 1.5.13 version was updated to EP2, the form would not load and the forms already posted on fluig stopped working.

  • Adjustments to the Zoom component given that, after the version update, it wasn't returning form dataset data.

  • Fix to the new Zoom that was listing one record less than the total amount.

  • The table-paging situation has been fixed, because when displaying documents in the Task central or trying to open a document through the table, it would not open.
  • Fix applied to enable opening the Notification Center links in the user’s default browser rather than in the Notification Center.   
  • Connect was fixed to run the file upload properly after restoring the network connection.
  •  Adjustment performed in the Connect synchronization folder, as files were being deleted when renamed or moved from one folder to another.
  • Fix applied because files were being duplicated when renamed in the Connect synchronization folder.


  • Adjustments to displaying the icon for notifications on learning and evaluation events and activities received in the Notification Center, as they were not being displayed.
  • Displaying the full name of students in all LMS reports to enable differentiating them when they have the same name and the same last name, but different middle names, since only the first and last name were being displayed. Example: John Edward Steel and John Smith Steel.
  • Adjustments to the permission set in Control Panel > Permissions > Learning – Change of registration status to display only the button that allows changing the status of registrations to users when it is enabled, as it was also unduly displaying the Register users button.
  • Progress bar added to the Register users feature, to allow tracking the progress of registrations when there is a high number of students being enrolled – about 4,500 students – preventing users from getting the impression that the feature crashed or a problem occurred due to delay in displaying the result of the action.



  • Fix to allow connecting the fluig server through the fluig Studio plugin to environments with authentication integrated to fluig Identity.
  • The issue in environments using integrated  authentication has been addressed, as only a blank page was being displayed to users whose last name has not been filled in the Active Directory registration.
  • Adjustment to the password generation procedure to create fluig users on fluig Identity through the Send users option, allowing the registration of users whose names have more than 12 characters.

Stay tuned!

If the user’s first name has 13 or more characters, the password will be created using only the first 12 characters of the name + @ 123. For example, if the user name is Administrator, the password will be Administrado@123.

  • Grouping of e-mails has been implemented to enable reusing connections to the e-mail server. The use of multiple connections to submit notifications of delayed tasks, for example, could result in refusal by Google’s SMTP server.
  • Inclusion of integration users displayed in the list of users in the Control Panel in the admin role, due to the need of administration permission to perform certain actions.


In environments integrated with fluig Identity, integration users included in the admin role will not be converted into company context administrators on fluig Identity.

  • Fix to the filter responsible for invalidating OAuth sessions in order to close such sessions completely, avoiding inconsistencies when multiple calls are made.
  • Adjustment to the version check procedure, which prevented updating high-availability environments, whose repository/apps directory is shared among the nodes.

The fluig update Guide has been updated with information on the fluig update in Load Balance environments.

  • The license server will no longer consume the license for administrators registered during the creation of the company when the company is deactivated.

See the FAQ ARQ 034 - Can I delete or deactivate a company on fluig? to learn more about deactivating companies on fluig.

  • Fix to the historical data importer so that, in case there is no TXT or FAC file for a particular process/version, the system will verify the existence of a beforeSendData event for the process/version, and generate an XML/FAC file to prevent data loss.
  • Adjustment to the widget selection window displayed on page editing, so it can be resized properly in case there is a greater number of custom widgets registered.



  • Fix applied to group conversations on fluig Messaging to ensure users clicking on Exit conversation will have the action successfully completed.
  • Viewing of messages via fluig Messaging for Android has been restored in conversations where the user has received images submitted through the web application.
  • Adjustment to the read message confirmation on fluig Messaging for iPhone/iPad to update the icon correctly with the number of unread messages.
  • Fix to the sharing of articles on communities. Due to an inconsistency, the shared articles were not being displayed on the participants’ Home timeline.
  • Adjustment to displaying the shared document icon in the conversation, so that it does not overlap the text displayed in the message balloon.
  • Fix to the deployment of the SMS Notification component, as it was not possible to use it with the previous platform update due to an inconsistency in the component startup.
  • The validation of form fields created in communities has been improved to prevent using the same code for different questions.
  • Increased character limit in posts, from 600 to 700 characters. This change will be valid for texts posted on the timeline, including those accompanied by images, videos, articles or documents, and for comments added when sharing a post.

When mentioning a user in a publication (@ + username), the character counter considers the amount of characters in the user's login as well as the characters in the name.



  • Page/widget codes were added to the Permissions screen for features that have the same name, streamlining their identification. Links have also been added to the respective pages/widgets to inform the administrator about the location of these features on the platform.
  • Correction on opening links to internal fonluig pages via mobile application from a Content Editor widget. The page will be loaded into the application’s own format, and not as a desktop website.


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