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Check out below the new features available in the fluig 1.5.7 update:


If you use the component Collaborative Edition, Gamification, SMS or if you have developed a component using Single Login documentation or fluig Widgets and Services Development, update to fluig 1.5.7 – Anticipated Update #1 or above.


More security with captcha

To ensure more security in your company, we have added to this new Identity update a feature that blocks the automation of forms for password authentication and change routines.

To enable the use of captcha in the authentication screen, just select the option "Enable security through captcha" in the Settings of company. in the Security tab.

To reset the password, it is always mandatory to enter the captcha, since attacks may come from another context to a particular e-mail. This way, when entering the account
 e-mail, it is mandatory to enter the captcha to receive the password resetting e-mail.


    Query persons in charge of the process

    Many times, you need to know in advance who will be the person in charge of a process. 

    With that in mind and taking account of our customers’ needs, now right from the startup of the process it is possible to query the persons in charge of the upcoming activities.

    That's right, the fluig process tool just gets better and better!

    To know who is responsible for an activity, just click on Details in a request, and then click the activity from which you want to view more details. This includes both the process startup and movement. In case the person in charge is a group or role, simply click on it to know  who belongs to this group or role.

      Know when a request was initiated and completed

      Now it is possible to know the start date of a request in the Task Central - in viewing activities - also in the query of requests, along with the end date when the request is completed or canceled.

        Handle multiple password confirmation requests in one single action

        You can now handle multiple requests that are in activities that require password confirmation.

        Log in at fluig, visit the > Task Central > Due tasks > select requests that require password and you wish to move and, on the top menu of the table, press the option Move in block and enjoy this convenience!

        New protection methods for form fields

        We’ve created new methods that allow you to protect the disabled fields via displayFields in forms.

        As you protect a disabled field, its value will not be changed in the form record. To do so, enter the value "true" for the parameter "protect" of the method setEnabled.

        You can also use the method setEnhancedSecurityHiddenInputs: when it’s set with the value "true", all fields disabled by the method setEnabled will be protected and their values will not be saved in the form record.

        More details

        Check out more details in Form development.


        Change the name and the image of group conversations whenever you wish

        Now Web Messaging allows you to change the image and the name of group conversations.

        It’s fluig working so that you will always have the same experience both on the Web and on mobile devices. Cool, huh?

          Disable notifications in a conversation

          Now you can disable push and desktop notifications of an individual or group chat whenever you wish. You will still receive the messages sent, but will not receive notification when messages are received, both on the Web and Mobile.

          Conversation and meeting linked on Messaging

          When you start a meeting from a Messaging conversation group, the meeting and the conversation are now linked to each other. In the conversation, you can view the meeting information, enter the meeting and view the recording of the meeting after it is closed.



            Need help with the widgets?

            Don´t worry! Now the widgets Quick query, Centralized access and Analytics have a help icon in their header. Whenever you need, just click the icon and you’ll have the whole structure of help and documentation for using the fluig to address your doubts.


              Access the additional content of a community quickly and easily

              In the past, you would put in your community various widgets that gave access to more information about what was happening in the community.

              In this new update on fluig App, you can access the chart of indicators of a project (using fluig Analytics), the birthday list (Intranet Kit) or any other content available through widgets.

              To access widgets in your community, just before the posts, you will see the option "View additional content," as well as anywhere in the community by accessing the side menu to view the "Additional content."

              Don't waste your time, add new features to your communities on fluig Mobile.

              Messaging much faster!

              Your productivity will get even better, because Messaging has greater performance. We made the application 75% faster! Great news, isn't it? Upgrade to version in Android and version 1.5.48 in iOS and check it out!

              Work with XMLRPC in a unique way on the Web and on Mobile

              Since we have a single form, nothing better than having a single XMLRPC too!

              Now you can develop your form using the single XMLRPC, that is, the effort to develop for Mobile and Web is the same. Amazing, right?

              Stay tuned

              Check out more information on Mobile Form development.

              Change the fluig Mobile home screen according to your needs

              We know that each fluig application is different in every company. With that in mind, now you have more options to configure your home screen on Mobile.

              You can configure your home screen with:

                  • Task Central;
                  • Process startup screen;
                  • Social;
                  • Documents;
                  • Specific community;
                  • Specific Page.

              This way, you can put up on the App home screen a page with the company's event schedule, that community that is super busy or all documents that are largely assessed by users.

              If you did not configure this option and there are widgets for Mobile in your Home, so Home will become the application home screen. Otherwise, it will stay the same as before, opening the Task Central as the home screen in your fluig Mobile application.

              More details

              Password recovery on fluig Mobile

              Forgot your password and only have a mobile device in hand? Don't worry, now you can retrieve your access to fluig when there is an active integration with Identity through Mobile fluig.


              We have created an entry point to change the behavior for displaying pages on fluig.

              The points available are:

                  • Enter content immediately before closing the <head> tag on the page to be displayed;
                  • Enter content immediately before closing the <body> tag on the page to be displayed.

              When this feature is active, fluig displays one of the two following messages in your log:

                  • custompagehead.ftl is enabled;
                  • custompage.ftl is enabled.

              The message to be displayed is conditioned to the use of the company code or not in the name of the file that is used for customization.

              Learn more

              Check more details on Customizing pages.


              Revised calculation of the score of objective questions

              We review the calculation of scores of objective questions when values are assigned for each of its alternatives.

              Understand the calculation of the score of an objective question.

              When registering several alternatives with values for each of them, the final score of the question will vary from 0 to 1, depending on the value of the alternative chosen. The alternative with the highest value represents 100% of the question (reference alternative) and the others get a different percentage, according to the reference alternative.

              Example: if an objective question has four alternatives and their respective values are:

              • A1 – 10;
              • A2 – 5;
              • A3 – 4;
              • A4 – 0.

              The greatest alternative is alternative A1, since it has the greatest value. If alternative A2 is chosen, then the student will receive a 0.5 (50%) of score for the question. If they choose alternative A3, they will receive 0.4 and, if they go for A4, they will get 0 score for the question.

              The only way to guess the question totally right is to mark alternative A1.

              fluig Studio

              Confirmation of server password when exporting a process

              Now you can request confirmation of password for the server when exporting a process on fluig Studio. This confirmation aims to ensure, for example, that an export that should be made to a test environment is not sent to a production environment by mistake, since fluig Studio will suggest the same server from which the previous imports was held.

                What is new in documentation 


                In this session, you can find a list of a few bugs that have been fixed in this update to make sure everything runs smoothly on your platform.

                • View of the Document list of a community.
                • Inclusion of file as attachment in a workflow process.
                • Closing a training whose posttest has an open-ended question.
                • Obtaining the process code from the getValue ("WKDef") method when it has special characters or diacritics and is used for the Oracle database.
                • Cancellation of requests by the manager user – from the request query screen – when this has uppercase letters in their registration.
                • Sorting users by name in the LMS learning registration management.
                • Transfer of request by the process manager when it was taken over by another user.
                • Translation to English and Spanish of the AdHoc process, of the My Documents folder, buttons of the Attachments folder of request movements and the Pending items filter.
                • Return of the getChildrenIndexes method when using the Oracle database.
                • Access to the latest version of a form that has been modified on the Web by the process to which it is related.
                • Execution of the displayFields event when the process form contains any allow rule.
                • Replication of properties inherited from a folder that is copied and pasted elsewhere.
                • Approval of a new version of a document by a common user after they have approved the first version.
                • Display of classes in progress from the Learning menu, making it easier to read and identify each class.
                • Startup of requests that have an AdHoc process as initial activity.
                • Cancellation of questions from the evaluation statistics tab.
                • Cancellation of questions from the evaluation statistics tab.
                • Use of the same attachment of the previous request when opening a new request from the Start new requests button, located in the opening confirmation message that allows to start other requests with the previous data.
                • Routing the link to access a learning item from the Task Central.
                • Displaying the scroll bar – when necessary – on the page that lists fluig Webservices - [seufluig]/services.
                • Recording of the previous response when switching between the questions of an evaluation that contains objective and open-ended questions.
                • Exporting form to folders that have the value zero as property of the document in its record.
                • End viewing of a text content through the End viewing option in a learning item.
                • Importing two equal datasets belonging to different forms in different components.
                • Displaying the confirmation message that the server is updated when the administrator authenticates to the platform.
                • Creating users from the public API when the Quota Control resource is active.
                • Displaying active users on filters for coordinators and persons in charge for classes and course subjects.
                • Definition of days for expiration of documents published by drag and drop in document browsing.
                • Search for attachments of a request without differentiating between uppercase and lowercase letters.
                • Displaying registration and completion dates in the Registration report per track and training.
                • Returning a document that was rejected so that Post can make proper adjustments.
                • Displaying Learning tasks as pending even after adjusting the student's score.
                • Access to classes after adding students through the public API.
                • Displaying learning tasks to students after enrolling them in classes that have items with manual score.
                • Displaying the options available in document Actions when viewing a PDF document without using the internal viewer in the Internet Explorer browser.
                • Recording the “Notify?” property –available in the General information tab  –  of documents published in document browsing.
                • Bold display of topic items from a class in which the student is enrolled, that have not yet been viewed.
                • Displaying the See details button, in learning items of classes from the Task Central, only to users who have permission to view more details of the catalogue of course subjects and classes.
                • Viewing of form records published in document browsing created from a widget that calls the form service.
                • Using two centralized Access widgets in a same page.
                • Importing workflow process when it has a user assignment mechanism.
                • Viewing the request move schedule in history when using the Oracle database.
                • Sending notification e-mail  to the requisitioner in the final activity of a request when the previous activity is Automatic.
                • Displaying the link in the number and description of the request underlined on the request query screen.
                • Displaying icon to distinguish right and wrong questions when viewing the performance in each question of an evaluation.
                • Search for data in widgets with datasets that use more than one field to filter the data.
                • Displaying external zoom data of a form when filtering by user group when the group name has a special character.
                • Moving a request after filling out its form and sending it to the next activity after displaying a validation message.
                • Displaying a Toast message when moving a request that has validations carrying this type of message.
                • Protection of fields that are disabled by means of form events.
                • Displaying custom properties that have been registered and set to be displayed in all documents, when viewing them.
                • Moving request that contains attachment included through upload after displaying a validation message.
                • Importing processes in fluig Studio that have activities that do not have the stateName property in the process definition XML.
                • Dataset access to a form when the form is being saved.
                • Using the calendar component in forms when using the Mozilla Firefox browser.
                • Sending fluig evaluation scores to TOTVS RM when there is integration with the active Identity.
                • Displaying event follow-up messages when moving requests.
                • Viewing processes that contain diacritics in its code from the link created for it in the Internet Explorer browser.
                • Creating class and course subject when set to also create the corresponding community.
                • Editing content that have the option "Turn content as private use for the user who owns it" marked only by its owner and by the administrator of the company.
                • Displaying closed classes on the board of persons in charge of the area of starting learning activities.
                • Ordering of requests by the Deadline column in the Task Central.
                • Moving of requests after an activity that has assignment by form field mechanism is moved by an automatic flow of the task scheduler, and moving of tasks by automatic flow independently.
                • Permission to cut folders of the document browsing root for users with administrator role.
                • Access to the Learning menu items when using the Internet Explorer browser.
                • Editing of process form to include a text box-type field.
                • Record of movement of a request in its history when it is pending for a group or role, and it is moved by the process manager.
                • Viewing the use policy through Control Panel after it was excluded from the document browsing folder on which it was posted.
                • Changing the fluig server settings on Connect to open it when its use has been disabled in the previously configured server.
                • The option to download multiple for folders that are at the root of the document browsing has been removed, because this action is not allowed.
                • Adjustment to the class registration to prevent that registration validity dates exceed the end date defined for the class.
                • Set fluig to send e-mails when using a SMTP server and another for POP3.
                • Displaying description and access to a document in the Favorites area when it is a report of type rptdesign.

                  If there is any disagreement in sending e-mails after this update, please check the settings for SMTP and POP3 in the "standalone.xml" file. If you use the same server for both protocols, it is necessary to inform it for each protocol in settings.

                  You can get more details in E-mail submission settings.

                • Displaying the timeline of a community that has the character ":" (colon) in its name.
                • Time to display course subjects and classes when there are a lot of subjects (more than 100) in one folder of the catalog.
                • The viewing of activities from a process in fluig Mobile differs from the same activities when viewed in a browser.
                • Alphabetical sorting in the search for persons in charge for the next activity when moving a request.
                • The Identity authentication service has been changed to avoid synchronous dependence between data authentication and indexation, ensuring that, even in the event of non-availability of indexation service, of use experiences or others, there will be no impact on user authentication.
                • Display of birthdays of the day on the Birthday widget of the Intranet Kit when there is integration with TOTVS RM by using the Internet Explorer browser.
                • Generation of community form report maintaining the same display order for the questions when answering the form.

                The order of the questions of the first version of the form shall be kept.

                • Display of files that have been attached and deleted when performing a search on the Attachments tab, of a request that is being moved.
                • Moving a request opened when pressing the option "Start new request," which appears on the confirmation of the opening of the previous request.
                • Display of the names of the activities of a process when querying the Add-ons tab of a request.
                • Editing of “Just in time Provisioning" field on the company registration Authentication tab.
                • Block editing of records of forms published in document browsing.
                • Sharing of timeline post whose content contains single quotes.
                • Content of the message that is displayed when you delete a relationship cloud containing users associated with it.
                • Cancel registration of a student in track from enrollment management.
                • Querying form datasets developed on the platform when using zoom.
                • Rendering a form when a field receives a string using the hAPI.setValue() representing the definition of a HTML table where in one of the columns there is "on" when adding the contents of the field as "inner html" of some element such as a "span" or "div."
                • Performance in the course subjects and classes catalogue when using the API to create a class.
                • Performance improvements when adding a topic item for a class to the learning environment.
                • Display of the loading icon to indicate that the display of classes or training is in progress in the initial window of the learning environment.
                • Possibility to choose the number of records to view on the screen Manual score when accessing a class as person in charge.

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