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The portability matrix lists the requirements to run fluig Identity and related applications, such as SmartSync and Desktop SSO.

Running Plug-in applications

The browsers listed below support running Plug-in applications through a specific extension for each browser:



Internet Explorer

11 (Compatibility mode with IE previous versions is not supported)

Mozilla Firefox

Latest version provided by the supplier

Google Chrome

Latest version provided by the supplier

SmartSync and Desktop SSO

Hardware and system requirements to deploy SmartSync and Desktop SSO:

Operating System

Windows Server 2012 or higher

64-bit Ubuntu 14.04

64-bit Ubuntu 15.10

RAM Memory

4 GB



64 bits


Minimum of 2 cores



7200 rpm

Transfer rate

Minimum 1 GB/s

Disk space

40 GB

.NET Framework

4.5 or higher


The server on which SmartSync is installed must necessarily be able to access the fluig Identity domains (* and * in order to synchronize and authenticate users from Active Directory.

Therefore, the customer has to make sure that the necessary exceptions are added to the proxy and firewall used in their network.

Desktop Launcher, SSO Profile Generator and fluig Identity Credential Provider

System requirements for installing Desktop Launcher, Thick SSO Profile Generator and fluig Identity Credential Provider:

Operating System

Windows 7 or higher

.NET Framework


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