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The purpose of this document is to present an overview of the architectural features of the environment that hosts fluig Identity.

Fluig Identity architecture

Fluig Identity is a 100% SaaS application hosted on the AWS (Amazon Web Services) Brazilian cloud, the world's largest cloud computing platform.
This structure offers multiple benefits for both the application and the customer, including:

  • Virtually unlimited scalability.
  • Requests met by any of the servers.
  • Service redundancy.
  • No impact to the user in the event of a failure.

Fluig Identity also has a number of planned measures to reduce the impact of unavailability on customer operations.

  • Environment monitored by a specialized DevOps team.
  • Daily backup.
  • Application version control.
  • Automatic recovery process.
  • Activity records.

These actions also help ensure security and availability of the service during application update procedures.

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