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  1. Punctuation File-crda220_cadastro_de_pontuacao.htm

    product P02, he/she will receive 30 points. 4. Check information and confirm it. helpbutton.zoom40.gifImportant: The calculation of the customer's bonus points … customer is entitled to 10 points. If the value of the customer's purchase is 50.00, he/she will not receive any points, neither will he/she accumulate this value
  2. Folder By User-praa805_pasta_por_usuario.htm

    By User In this folder, configure the user profile, which features he/she can access and the customers information he/she can access. Main Fields and Controls • Administrator? It determines whether the user has administrator rights. • Blocked? It determines whether the user is blocked, without permission to access
  3. Private Label-sigacrd_private_label.htm

    . With the usage of the private label cards, the consumer has access to the credit without any costs, as he/she does not pay annuity he/she can shop and even … , and sells more: first, because with credit, the customer can shop, and second, because this customer starts going to the store to do what he/she would go to
  4. Work Area-sigabsc_area_de_trabalho.htm

    Work Area The purpose of the work area is to present all the elements a person is involved in. This involves all the organizations and strategies in which he/she participates. Moreover, you can send and read messages. This makes it easier for the person in collections to use the tool, as he/she does not need to search
  5. Medical Record Events-mdta110_ocorrencias_ficha.htm

    about the health programs that the employee participates, which restrictions he/she has, diseases he/she had or has, which examinations have been performed or
  6. Evaluation scheduling

    a person outside the platform, he/she will receive an email containing information and a link through which the user can access the evaluation to answer it. When the external person ends the evaluation, he/she receives a notification email informing his/her status and the acquired score when the evaluation allows this
    Help Fluig EN20 jun, 2017
  7. Transfer pending items

    be part of the appraiser group. If he or she is not configured, it will be necessary to define him of her as the appraiser for this folder. For this, it is … or she is not configured, it will be necessary to define him of her as the appraiser for this folder. For this, it is necessary to define him or her by using the
    Help Fluig EN28 set, 2017
  8. Improvement - Table Compression Parameter

    compression, he/she could enable such a feature by running a script directly in DBMS. However, if he/she had to recreate the table in the ERP for any reason
    TOTVS Technology09 mai, 2017
  9. Position of Trust-gpea040_cargo_de_confianca.htm

    she can act as the employer (hires, discipline, salary etc). In the system, the position of trust additional is calculated by applying the percentage indicated
  10. Leave for the Whole of February-gpea240_afastamentos_todo_mes_fevereiro_bra.htm

    days) and the 30 days worth of salary when he/she is on leave for the whole of February. By changing the LPGSALFEV Mnemonic, you may choose not to pay these