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  1. Improvement - Duplicity of 4GL function in same RPO

    Situation Execution of a function that calls another function that may be duplicated in the same RPO. Occurrence In previous builds, when compiling a problem with…
    TOTVS Technology03 mar, 2017
  2. Correction - Debug 2 servers with the same Protheus 8 IDE

    configuration file. The same problem could occur using Protheus 8 Remote, with parameters in the command line, to access the two aforementioned environments. Examples mp8rmt.exe…
    TOTVS Technology29 mar, 2017
  3. Correction - TWsdlManager has no support to several file imports for the same namespace

    This build contains a correction to AdvPL class TWsdlManager. Situation TWsdlManager error in WSDL parser with several file imports for the same namespace…
    TOTVS Technology03 mar, 2017
  4. Updated TDS does not allow opening source with same name but from different projects

    When attempting to open a second source with the same name as a source already open, TDS does not open the second source and only focuses on the first one already open…
    TOTVS Technology24 fev, 2017
  5. Do Not Use the Same Word for Distinct Concepts

    Do not use the same name in methods of different classes that do not perform the same thing. Using the idea of keeping one word per concept, there may be several classes with…
    TOTVS Technology14 jan, 2013
  6. Multiple Languages in the Same Source

    Nowadays, it is possible to use several languages in the same source file (XML, JavaScript, HTML, etc). However, the make the code confusing. The ideal is to avoid this mixture…
    TOTVS Technology14 jan, 2013
  7. PSIGAERRO0068 - RHIMP01 - Ao gerar a opção períodos em banco Informix, ocorre: "THREAD ERROR Error : -317 (HY000) (RC=-1) - [Informix][Informix ODBC Driver][Informix]Must have the same number of selected columns in each UNION element.

    17:14:39 : Error : -317 (HY000) (RC=-1) - [Informix][Informix ODBC Driver][Informix]Must have the same number of selected columns in each UNION element. ( From tInformixConnection…
    Linha Microsiga Protheus17 ago, 2017
  8. pc.samara.nunes-61768-pp-samara gatona.png

    17 nov, 2015
  9. How to upgrade an existing Workgroup Database license with an Enterprise Database license from the same greensheets.

    Progress 9.x OpenEdge 10.x All Supported Operating Systems FIX: Use proinst (UNIX) or setup.exe (Windows) to add the Enterprise database license to the existing install. Once the install is complete, the progress.cfg file will reflect both the Workgroup a…
    Linha Datasul29 jul, 2013
  10. Improvement - Protection and Compilation Behavior

    functions were declared with the same name, or the body of two methods of the same AdvPL class were declared with the same name for the same class, or yet a FUNCTION of STATIC…
    TOTVS Technology06 mar, 2017